Imaging and Sensing for Biological and Industrial Applications

Selected works on imaging and sensing for biological and industrial applications

Highly fluorescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots derived Phyllanthus acidus utilized as a fluorescent probe for label-free selective detection of Fe3+ ions, live cell imaging and fluorescent ink
(Biosensors & Bioelectronics (2018), 99, 303-311)

(a) Fluorescence photographs of synthesized FNCDs, and FNCDs with various metal ions under the UV-lamp
(λ = 365nm); (b) Fluorescence emission spectra of FNCDs with various metal ions (1 mM).

(a) The photographic image of a pen filled with FNCDs aqueous solution (ink) under the ambient light as well as UV-light
and the fluorescent text is written on a filter paper under a UV-light with a wavelength of 365 nm using FNCDs aqueous solution.

Confocal fluorescent microscopy images of Clone 9 hepatocytes alone and labeled with FNCDs for 24 h incubation
time at three different excitation wavelength such as 405 (Blue), 488 (Green) and 555 nm (Red)

Nitrogen-doped carbon dots using Chionanthus retusus fruit extract and investigation of their suitability for metal ion sensing and biological applications
(Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical (2017), 246, 497-509)

Plausible fluorescence quenching mechanism of synthesized N–CDs in the presence of Fe3+ ions

Confocal fluorescent microscopy images of C. albicans (KCTC-11282) yeast after the uptake of N–CDs
for 2 and 6 h. The fluorescent images were obtained confocal laser scanning microscopy in bright field
(BF), deep UV (248 nm) and UV (408 nm, blue) lasers filters.

Highly selective fluorescence turn-on sensor for Cu2+ ions and its application in confocal imaging of living cells
(Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical (2017), 240, 988-995)

X-ray crystal structure of ethylenediamine (EDA) based chemosensor

(a) Emission spectrum of chemosensor 5 (50 μM, λex = 336 nm) obtained in MeCN-HEPES buffer upon titrated
with Cu2+ (5 equiv.) and other various metal ions (10 equiv.). (b) Emission spectrum of chemosensor 5
(50 μM, λex = 342 nm) obtained in MeCN upon titration with Cu2+ (3 equiv.) and various metal ions (10 equiv.)

Confocal fluorescence images of live MDCK cells using ethylenediamine (EDA) based chemosensor