Current Members

Foreign Professors

Photograph-R. Atchudan

Raji Atchudan, Ph.D.
Joined the lab in 2015
Postdoctoral Fellow: Kyungpook University, Republic of Korea
Ph.D. (2011) in Chemistry from Anna University, India
Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, India
Research interests:
Facile green synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles/ Carbon nanostructured materials-carbon nanotubes, carbon dots, and their application towards the degradation of dyes, electrocatalyst, supercapacitors, sensors, and bioimaging


Sonaimuthu Mohandoss, Ph.D.
Joined the lab in 2018
Post-Doctoral Researcher: School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University (2018-2020)
Postdoctoral Experience: (2017-2018) National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan (1 year)
Ph.D (2016) Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India.
Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, India
Research Interest:
Synthesis of Fluorescent Nanomaterials,                                                                     Chemosensors, Supramolecular Chemistry, Electrochemical                                                                   Synthesis, Computational Chemistry


Muhammad Saeed Akhtar, Ph.D
Joined the lab in 2015
Post-Doctoral Researcher: School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University (2020-2021)
M.S. – Ph.D. (2020) in Chemical Engineering – Yeungnam University
Abbottabad, KPK, Pakistan
Research interests:
Organo-catalyzed synthesis of biologicdenyy active aromatics and hetero-aromatics



Perumal Muthuraja, Ph.D. 
Joined the lab in 2021
Post-Doctoral Researcher: School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University (2021-2022)
Post-Doc: (2018-2021) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Tirupati, India
Ph.D. (2018) in Chemistry Chemistry, Alagappa University, India
Hometown: Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu, India
Research interests:
Total Synthesis towards natural products and multi-step synthesis, remote C-H activation/Functionalization/ Visible light mediated organic transformation

Rajaram Rajamohan, Ph.D.,
Joined the lab in 2022
Post-Doctoral Fellow: Pondicherry University (2017 – 2019), India.
Ph.D., (2010) in Chemistry from Annamalai University, India.
M.Sc., (2003) in Organic Chemistry from Annamalai University, India.
Hometown: Kurinjipadi, Tamil Nadu, India.
Research interests:
Supramolecular materials with cyclodextrin, Electrospun Nanofibers for biological applications, Green synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles for dye degradation through photocatalysis, Computational Approach for the molecular interaction.

Kamaraj Eswaran, Ph.D.
Joined the lab in 2022
Ph.D. (2017-2022) in Chemistry, Kongju National University, Gongju, South Korea.
M.Sc. (2013-2015) in Chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu, India.
Hometown: Bodinayakanur, Tamilnadu, India.
Research interests:
Organic Synthesis, Organic Electronic Materials, Semiconductor photocatalysis.
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Post-doctoral Researchers


Sukanya Ramaraj, Ph.D 
Joined the lab in 2022
Post-Doctoral Researcher: Department of Chemistry, Chonnam National University, South Korea (2020-2021)
Department of Biosource materials, University of Lorraine, France (2019-2020)
Ph.D in Chemical engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan (2016-2019)
Hometown:Kerala, India
Research interests:
Synthesis of 2D layered nanomaterials (Metal selenides, sulfides, and oxides), Carbon nanomaterials/ fabrication of Electrochemical biosensors, Supercapacitors, and Water splitting devices.


ROY PRASANTA, Ph.D.Joined the lab in 2022
Research Associate at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (2021-2022)
Post-doctoral Researcher: Yunnan University, China (2019 – 2021)
Post-doctoral Researcher: Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2016 – 2018)
Ph.D. (2010-2016): Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.
Hometown: Bankura, West Bengal, India
Research interests:
Asymmetric Organic Synthesis, Click Chemistry, Multi-component Reaction (or MCR), C-H Activation, Annulation reactions and Medicinal Chemistry.

Graduate Students


Shrestha Divya (셔레스타디브야)
Ph.D Student
Joined the lab in 2022
B.Sc (2017) and M.Sc (2019) in Chemistry from DEI, India
Hometown: Agra, India
Linkedin: link 



Peter Yuosef M. Rubio
Combined M.Sc. – Ph.D. Student
Joined the lab in 2019
B.Sc. (2014) in Chemistry from University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines
Hometown: Quezon Province, Philippines
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