Organic Materials Synthesis Laboratory lead by Prof. Yong Rok Lee has been featured for its consistent publication in several prominent international journals for the past months


<YU School of Chemical Engineering Organic Materials Synthesis Lab researchers>
(from top left: Thombal Raju Sitaram, Khanal Hari Datta, Mishra Kanchan
from bottom left: Shrestha Rajeev, Professor Lee Yong-rok, Maezono Shizuka Mei)


Graduate school students of the YU School of Chemical Engineering Organic Materials Synthesis Lab (Advisor Lee Yong-Rok) made news by publishing eight papers over the past six months one after the other in prominent international journals (impact factor=5 or higher, within top 10%). Some were selected as VIP papers and cover papers for the corresponding journals, while another won the excellent poster award for the Korean Society of Organic Synthesis, thus being recognized research experience.

Adviser Lee Yong-Rok is a prominent figure in the organic synthesis sector. Great minds from India, Nepal, Philippines, China and Pakistan are currently studying at Professor Lee’s research lab. The graduate school students who received guidance by Professor Lee are developing new organic reactions and are engaged in research for developing pharmaceutical products and electronic materials by synthesizing new materials through the developed reactions.

Professor Lee Yong-Rok said, “The new materials published through research exhibited high strength against UV blocking, fluorescents, anti-oxidizing, and anti-bacteria, and so it has utilization value for sun cream, fluorescent sensors, and pharmaceutical products.”

Meanwhile, this research was conducted as part of the Ministry of Education’s BK21 Plus project, College Hub Research Center Support Project, the National Research Foundation’s Platform Technology Development Project and Middle-grade Researcher Support Project.


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